We producing the best qaulity  of artificial leather.

Our kind of synthetic leather products; PVC leather, PU leather. We produce artificial leather; shoes, clothes, cars, houses and is used in the manufacture of office furniture and other products.

Emre as artificial skin product quality and service quality, as well as experienced engineers, technicians, quality control, packaging and shipping has proven itself in a competitive market theteam. It continues to grow with each passing day.

Emre  iis one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Artificial Leather, Synthetic Leather, PVC Leather in Turkey Emre  Synthetic Leather  produce   all kind of  100% pvc and pvc+ pu leather .We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Artificial Leather . which are used for various purposes including upholestry /carseat covers, bags, garments, shoes and sippers Emre Synthetic leather  is exporting woldwide .Our products are quite popular in North Africa, South America, Middle-east and Europe.

Having a wide presence in the Turkey  and International market has helped us to develop a collection of more then 500 designs, which includes the Paper, Emboss and Printing designs. We also have a wide range of backing fabrics, which is one of the main factors influencing the strength, softness, feel, etc. of the leather cloth. All our designs are available in thickness ranging from 0.60 mm to 4.00 mm. We continuously thrive to keep our design updated to match the current market trends. Designs developed by our company are well received in the market.