Pioneer and leading company in the industry as customer demands for open, transparent, fast, reassuring and we are committed to fulfill customer-oriented manner.

We take our customers' requests and demands always provide high quality and fast services concept. We investigate every complaint we receive from our customers and we offer solutions quickly and objectively. exhausted all internal and outsourced solutions to our customers and we follow the complaint until it is satisfied, we meet customer expectations by continuously improving their analyzes.

All shares of our (our customers, our employees, Suppliers, Shareholders, Society and Legal Institutions) katımcılıg the paylaşımcılıg the supporting creativity, we provide environments where they can express themselves and constantly improve themselves.

Handling process requests and demands and conditions of the policy objectives based on creating yasalv legislation and we consider customer expectations.

Customer complaints management processes and existing systems, we review regularly to increase efficiency and identifying areas open to development, permanent solutions, we apply our systems and processes and continuously improve the effectiveness reports.