Emre Artificial Leather 13,500 m2 (9.700m2 closed) radiated field facilities, 600,000 m / TL production capacity, offering a wide selection and great products imitation leather businesses that work with the concept of production closely follows the high-tech. The importance it attaches to its customers quality products and production brings world-class field.

The latest technology in the manufacturing unit designed or manufactured quality product with all the necessary equipment to test the test device and the ideal packaging unit for you to provide excellent service to our mission.


Sunlight Resistance (Optional Feature)

Sunlight resistant chemicals aid product standards do not alter the visual and technical characteristics can be achieved.

Ecological Products (Standard Feature)

Nature and human friendly products by using toxic chemicals that harm human health can be produced.

Easy for Cleaning (Standard Feature)

Our products, tea may come from any external factors, which may occur in the home and office environment against stains such as coffee, easy cleaning feature can be achieved.

Combustion Retardant

In accordance with international standards, our Urums the flame retardancy fire retardant properties can be gained.

Resistant to Abrasion

Yoğun kullanımın olduğu mekanlar için yıpranmayı uzun süre geciktiren, yüksek sürtünme dayanımına sahip ürünler üretilebilmektedir.

Nefes Alabilirlik

Retarding wear long for places where there is heavy use, the product can be produced with high frictional resistance.

Anti-Bacterial Protection

Microbial organisms that may occur in the home and office environments that use our products with antibacterial properties can be prevented.


With all kinds of specialty chemicals to nefuz to liquid products and our products pass the rear surface of the liquid it can be prevented.

 * : These features can be provided if required by the order.